Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow day

It has been snowing ALL day! I knew we'd pay for all that nice weather we've had. :( It's been coming down in big flakes & doesn't show any signs of stopping. I think we've gotten about 10" today. It's real fluffy stuff...and if you have ever lived in Nebraska, you know the wind is going to blow! Oh well, I am thankful that I have a nice warm place to call, "home". My son moved some of the snow, in case I needed to get out, but I think I'm staying right here. I have been working on a few projects, in my craft room today. I am sure that there will not be school tomorrow, so I have a project planned for my grand kids. Think we'll make Valentines for them to exchange at school. I was sooo excited to see one of my cards featured on the Designed2Delight blog! Faith has some fabulous digi's to work with there. If you like free stuff, they have a progressive challenge, with a new digi every week. Crafting With Deedee's Digis is also a wonderful place to visit. She is a very talented artist. They also have a progressive challenge. Her latest freebie is "You Melt My Heart". I had a blast making that project. Be sure to check it out in my older posts. later...b.


  1. Congratulations and well done! :)

    Fab pics - We have more snow to come soon I think too - what makes me laugh is that many people who think it looks lovely and lots of fun dont usually have to live with much of it. Its those of us who know what its like to be snowed in and have it hanging round for 2 months who really dont look forward to a winter-wonderland! ;) lol

    Stay warm and cosy