Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Green!

You know the saying, "one person's trash, is another person's treasure"? I use to haul a lot of "trash" home from work. Everyday, we threw away a bunch of these open-ended cardboard cores. They had shrink wrap on them, that we used, to wrap pallets at the factory. I started collecting them & have made some interesting, one of a kind, gifts! For Christmas, I made some for my Mother to put her homemade goodies in & give to her friends & neighbors. They even had lids, made from a coaster & some thin, scrap cardboard.
You probably don't have access to these cardboard cores. But check with your janitor at work. Some places use large rolls of toilet paper in their restrooms. I have used them & they work great too. Next, you have to visit your local Pub. I don't drink alcohol, but a glass of pepsi looks real cute on one of these coasters!
To make this pencil/pen holder, I set the cardboard core on top of the coaster, drew a line around it in pencil & then cut it out. Then, I put a bead of glue all the way around the bottom of the cardboard core & then set it on top of the coaster. While the glue is still wet, take a file & smooth the edge of the coaster, so it is even with the cardboard core. Measure your core & cut patterned paper to fit & glue it on. Use your file to smooth the top, so that your paper is even with the top of the container. Don't forget to do the inside wall too! Then the fun part comes ... decorate! I used some buttons, ribbon & "Lucky Bird", the new free digital stamp by Designed2Delight Digital Stamps. It's still there, for a limited time.
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Card Ideas - Going Green!- make a project with a recycled item.
"do you stack up?"- Green it!- 3rd entry -paper is green & blue, Lucky's boots are green, sentiment- "feelin' green", some green clover, green buttons & this is a "green" project.


  1. Very cool project! Thanks for joining us at Do You Stack Up.


  2. looks great Bridget, with that lovely image again, gorgeous
    thanks for another entry at DYSU challenge

  3. wow, how inventive! :) Genius Bridget ;)

    I think this is a fabulous idea, and I'm gonna have a go at it. My pen holders are from the bottom of poster tubes, but they remain undecorated and yours looks just so stylish. It would look brilliant on the top of a wardrobe door! ;) lol.



  4. That's fun! Home made gifts are the BEST and I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Hi Bridget ;) Supercool idea and absolutely love what you created! You can never have enough of those pen holders! Thanks so much for sharing your project with us at DYSU this week! Janna xx