Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cake decorating meets the Digital Stamp

Today is my daughter-in-laws 30th birthday! For some reason I had a dumb-attack & volunteered to bring the cake. I used to dabble in cake decorating when my son was little. But anymore, I stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. I do occasionally dust it though. :)  I bought a frozen cake at our local grocery store. I added the digital stamp, "Garden Party" by Designed2Delight, printed off a "Happy Birthday" note & punched three flowers for the candles to sit in. I am pretty picky about the food I eat & where it has been, so the 2 square pieces are in SU! Cello Bags. I glued the #30 cutouts to some toothpicks and Voila!

This all has probably been done before, but humor me for a moment & let me believe that I came up with a fab idea. :) thanks for stopping! Hope you are having a great weekend...b.
Just for the heck of it, I am entering my project @ Craft Your Passion Challenge Blog- theme- anything goes


  1. LOL! You are BRILLIANT! =) LOVE IT and I'm sure your DIL will love it as well. Cute idea to add the li'l D2D image there =) I used to decorate cakes too when my kids were little. Carpal Tunnel set in and that was the end of that! LOL. Oh well, grocery store cakes are still pretty tasty! Happy Celebrating!!

  2. It is a fab idea! I have never seen it before. :) Super cute!! I am HORRIBLE at decorating cakes.

  3. CUTE idea!!I am horrible as well at decorating cakes. Even the store bought ones - where you can buy the tubes to put the name on.....not my cup of tea....lmao!! I leave it up to the professionals. But I must say you did a fab job!!

  4. What a COOL idea! I'll have to remember this! Thanks!

  5. Great idea, Bridget! You are very creative.

  6. This is brilliant! I bet your daughter-in-law was blown away with this. Great idea to buy a cake and zhuzh it up too! ;)

    Love how you have made it so special with your coloured image, name plaque and numbers.

    Again, you are an inspiration buddy! :D



  7. WOW, at first I wondered how you got the image glazed, being on a cake! Very cool idea!! Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who stays out of the kitchen most of the time...:)
    Have a fabulous weekend